Childcare for changing shifts

Childcare for changing shifts

3 ways integrating music into a preschool program can help children

Guillaume Vidal

Music has long been known to be beneficial to children's growing minds. More and more research is showing us the many benefits of starting music programs early, from as young as preschool age. Here are some of the reasons that you should look for a child care that incorporates music into its preschool program. 

Music improves social skills

Studies show that preschoolers who have been exposed to music are 6 times more likely to co-operate and show about 30 times more helpfulness. This makes for a much more pleasant learning environment. It's a great way for students of all backgrounds to interact and can be a great way to incorporate learning activities such as remember to obey personal space and giving other children space when they want it. 

Music improves verbal IQ

Preschool students who are exposed to a music program show an improvement of 20 points on verbal IQ tests. Verbal IQ is an extremely important indicator in preschool as it lays the foundation for formal literacy programs in school. It can also help young people to communicate their feelings and wants more effectively, which can improve social interactions and behaviour. Not only is this a great thing for your child, but by placing them in a classroom where the other students also have higher verbal IQ, your child can enjoy more quality time with carers in value-adding activities, rather than having carers tied up dealing with social and behavioural issues of the children. 

Music making improves motor skills

Music making, such as playing and making instruments, is a great way to develop fine motor skills. These are important to develop before children enter formal schooling and need to be able to hold a pencil and start writing. It's an easy and fun way to get children practising their skills before school starts. 

Equally, music programs that incorporate dance are a great way to develop gross motor skills in a very natural and intuitive way. Children naturally love to move and explore, so music and dance are a fun way to incorporate physical fitness and gross motor skill development into a preschool program. 

As you can see there is a range of benefits to finding a preschool program at a local child care centre that incorporates a music program. Starting your child early in music can help them develop a lifelong love and appreciation of all kinds of music. 


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