Childcare for changing shifts

Childcare for changing shifts

Returning To Work? 3 Ways To Maximise Value For Your Kids From A Childcare Centre

Guillaume Vidal

Having children is perhaps one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, so you obviously want to spend as much time with them as possible. But there may come a time when you decide to go back to work and have to put them in a childcare centre. This guide equips you with ways to maximise value for your kids when you put them in a childcare centre.

Choose A Childcare Centre Offering A Constructive Learning Environment

A good childcare centre should ideally have schedules for constructive activities like physical play, reading sessions, group sessions, creative toys, socialising, meals, crafts and artwork. Similarly, age-appropriate toys like building blocks can stimulate creativity and imagination in children, so they should be part of the centre. Ideally, televisions should not be a part of the day-to-day activities because you'll want a constructive learning environment and not mundane TV shows to stimulate your kid's development. Childcare professionals should be able to start teaching kids the basics to smoothen their transition into schools later. When looking for a childcare centre for your children, make sure you pay attention to this factor to give them the best possible start they could have without you.

Check That Staff Members Are Qualified For Your Children's Development

Some centres have nannies or childcare providers with no specialised training, while others are qualified and registered to teach your children the basics, while taking proper care of them. This may be a good idea when you're busy at work and have little time to teach your kids on your own. Pay attention to how the staff interacts with kids before you sign up to the centre. The teachers and staff should be enthusiastic and responsible. Good staff members of a childcare centre ask questions about your kids, so that they can assess what is right for your kids. The staff members should also be adequate enough to handle the number of kids at the childcare centre to ensure personalised attention.

Ensure That The Centre Is Clean And Safe

The childcare centre should ideally be clean and safe, in accordance with the standards stipulated by the National Quality Framework. When it comes to your child, you can never be too safe, so make sure that the walls, floors and toilets meet your expectations before signing up. Look for basic safety efforts and see that play equipment is in good condition. If the centre has an outdoor area, make sure that the place is sufficiently cordoned off from public accessibility because you don't want strangers. Most childcare centres have to meet these norms, but a little extra diligence as a parent is always a good idea.  

Follow these smart ways to maximise value for your kids from a childcare centre.


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Childcare for changing shifts

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