Childcare for changing shifts

Childcare for changing shifts

A Guide on Family Day Care Centres

Guillaume Vidal

As a parent, you may be in a dilemma to determine whom to leave your child with or where to leave your child as you go to work. Although modern workplaces have a day care section, you may not be very comfortable juggling between work and child care. On the other hand, relatives may not be very reliable. 

In such circumstances, the best decision would be to enrol your child in a day care centre. The extract below provides a comprehensive guide on family day care services. 

What Is Family Day Care?

They use the same concept as standard day care to provide early childhood education and care. However, the perks to a family day care option are that the educator does the service at the comfort of their home. Staff in family day care centres deal with a small number of children, meaning your child will receive maximum attention during his or her formative years. 

Are They Accredited?

The Australian Children's Education Care and Quality Authority is the governing body that seeks to ensure family day care centres observe the set regulations. Caregivers should also be professionally trained. They should have a diploma in early childhood development. On top of that, they should possess basic first aid skills. 

Benefits to Your Child

At the centre, your child will engage in games and outdoor activities aimed at improving their creativity and problem-solving skills. The caregivers will also introduce your child to formal learning by teaching them how to read, draw and write.  

Children attending family day care acquire essential communication skills as they interact with other kids. If your child has special needs, the caregivers will ensure that your child receives the best care to promote his or her development.

Considerations Before Settling for One

Below are a few tips on how to choose a family day care:

  • The centre should be conveniently located to ensure you have an easy time dropping or picking your child.
  • The facility should be safe for your child; be on the lookout for slippery surfaces and unhygienic practices that may expose your child to disease.
  • The day care should be affordable.
  • Choose a day care with reasonable terms and conditions.
  • Inquire about the day care's vision and mission statement, which will help you understand what values your child will acquire at the centre.

Enrol your child in a family day care to enjoy peace of mind when you are away at work. It is the best way to ensure your child's independence and prepare him or her for kindergarten. 


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Childcare for changing shifts

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