Childcare for changing shifts

Childcare for changing shifts

4 Tips for Choosing a Childcare Centre

Guillaume Vidal

A good childcare centre is not just a place to leave your toddler as you go to work, but one that can help foster the development of your child, help them develop better, and help prepare any challenges that lie ahead by instilling the right values and principles. This is why you should only settle for a childcare centre with a good reputation, licensed caregivers, and overall, trust your instinct as a parent. How do you narrow down the list and choose the best facility where your child will learn and prosper? Continue reading for 4 important tips for choosing the best childcare centre.

A Good Reputation

The most authentic and believable way to get a real description of a childcare centre is by asking fellow parents. What do they have to say about the centre and the caregiver? What differences have they noticed in their child since they started going to the child care centre? These answers will be instrumental in deciding on which child care centre to take your child to. You can also look at the reviews on their websites and social media pages. 


With the child care centre, you may need some flexibility in terms of opening hours and closing hours. Therefore, you need to ask yourself what regulations do they adhere to? Are they okay with you picking up and dropping off your kids as your needs dictate? This will allow you to plan your schedule appropriately. However, you shouldn't go to a childcare centre where parents and guardians pick up and drop off their kids as they please. This could indicate that they have a severe lax in their systems. 

Caregiver To Child Ratio

An understaffed childcare centre is dangerous for the kids. You need to ensure that the ratio between the children and childcare centres is according to the laws and regulations of the regulatory authority. To confirm this, visit the childcare centre at a random time of any day and see for yourself the ratio and the nature of their interaction. 

Licenses and Certifications

The best childcare facilities, whether institution-based or home-based, need to be licensed and certified by the right authorities before they accept any children. Some agencies may even require that they go through the routine inspections to ensure the standards are continually being met even after the licenses have been issued. The licenses are often displayed in a public area, and if you don't see one, you're well within your rights to ask for one. Further, caregivers also need to be certified. They need to take or have taken courses to ensure they have the right skills to care for the children.

When choosing a childcare centre, ensure you're as thorough as possible. Once your child has enrolled in one, ensure you observe them continually to see how they respond to it. 

For more help, reach out to a local childcare centre.


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